YEAR TWO will run from November 26th to December 30th.

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the guidebook
Welcome to Chaos Reigned!
We are an Post-Potter site set many generations after canon.

Before going into detail regarding our premise, I want to take a moment to introduce you to our guidebooks. What is that? Well, that’s the little thing that you’re looking at right now. Instead of having separate topics for everything, we've incorporated all of the necessary information right here! Everything here is required reading, so make sure you work through it.

Now that you’ve learned a little about our structure, let’s get back to our site details!

Here at Chaos Reigned, we do not allow characters to be related to or personally know canon characters or their families.

So, what’s the point of this if I can’t RP my favorite canon?

Good question! We want to give our members the experience that they dreamed about when they first read the books. Remember wishing that you could get a wand? Get sorted? That’s what we are going to give you. This time, though, we want you, our wonderful members, to shape the story. Let’s not follow the path of history. Let’s make it our own!

Next, you might ask: Do you have a site-wide plot, then? We do! What is it? Well, that you're going to have to find out on your own. Our site-wide plot is going to be something that starts and evolves with the help of our members and through site-wide events on board. You'll just have to join to find out!

The Plot
"But what does it mean, the plague? It's life, that's all."
-Albert Camus

The unsteady reparations following the Second Wizarding War ushered in an era of peace, punctuated by uncertainty. Witches and wizards had grown accustomed to conflict, after all. What would bring about the next war? What dangers continued to lurk in the shadows?

The ever-present ideals of blood purity remained in quiet pockets of the wizarding world. Those who lost the most from the war remained in their insulated family trees: hoarding wealth, hoarding power, hoarding prestige. It was the quiet arrival of a new organization, the Guardians of the Key, that sought to upset the status quo. Their best minds crafted a plan to force pureblood families to disintegrate and to end the Statute of Secrecy that had long kept the wizarding world in the shadows: A disease, created by their hands to punish those who insisted on concentrating magical blood.

The heroes from the legends of Harry Potter are long gone. Years have passed since the war. But there's always another just around the corner...

"Chaos reigned."
-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The Rules
OOC/Alias Account Creation

Are you new to CR? Great! You should first start by registering an out-of-character account. How do you do that? First, what do you want to be called out-of-character? Got it? Go ahead and register your account using this alias. You will be linking any character accounts you make to this one, making it easier for you to receive notifications about any posts you make.

Student Character Creation

Here at Chaos Reigned, all of our student characters start off as they did in the books: at age 11. Before you close the tab and write us off, give me a chance to explain! I know, I know. Who wants to write a child? Trust me, it’s a lot more fun than it sounds. If you are used to jcink, invisionfree, or PB, you are probably used to sites moving in real time. That’s to say that 1 real life day is = 1 day in character. Here, we don’t do that. At Chaos Reigned, 5 weeks in real time = 1 year in character. That precious 11 year old won’t stay precious for long. You will get to build that character from the floor up and be with them every step of the way, building friendships, breaking hearts, and growing them into a well-rounded character.

So, now your worry might not just be about the age of the character, but also about the pace of the site. Yes, it’s probably different than a lot of the sites that you are used to - but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great time! We do not put unrealistic expectations on our members. We know that you have real lives: some of you have jobs, some of you go to school. All of you have some sort of life away from here. That’s okay! Our minimum posting requirements are designed to ensure that we allow for everyone to succeed and have fun in the progress.

Each member will be allowed to make a total of THREE eleven year old students during our grand opening.

Adult Character Creation

In order to keep things proportionate, we will allow our members to create one adult character per two students. To make this clear: If you register two student characters, you will be able to make an adult. If you register four students, you will be able to make two adults. Therefore, the maximum number of adults you can make in the first year you join is one.

That being said, we reserve the right to halt this if we see it being abused.

If you are making a student character, making an adult, and then deleting your student? That's not cool. Our focus will be on our students and their progression through Hogwarts and that should remain the focus.

Character Promotion

As previously mentioned, 5 RL weeks = 1 year IC.

At the start of Year 1, all new members will be allowed to begin registering their characters. You can register at any point in the year. If you want to register one character to start and get a feel for things, and then slowly build to that - that's fine! If you want to start all three at once, that's fine too.

Due to the flow of our timelines, it is entirely possible that you, our dear newest member, is finding us at any point during our 5 week term. It's even possible that you find us as far as the day before we move to our next year. That's okay!

Here's how it works:

If you join in week 1, week 2, or week 3 we count you as a regular joining member. That means that we believe that you have enough time during the remaining portion of the term to meet your requirements and promote to the next level. If you, for some reason, are unable to make the required posts to promote to the next year during this time, we will make a notation on your account. If this happens twice in a row, we will move your character to "inactive" and you will lose your claims. If you do not ask for your character back during the 5 week term that you are placed on inactive, we will delete your character.

If you join in week 4 or week 5, we will count you as a late member. That means that if you fail to promote, that first failure will not go towards your two terms, if that happens.

Now, what happens to your character in-character if you don't make your required posts? You may not roleplay that they didn't meet their grades and were held back. This is not an option. Instead, you must roleplay as if they have always been in the year level that they have been in. If they had friends in a previous year, you may still play that out. However, you may not roleplay that they attended classes together, etc.

Absences For more information about going on absence and to request an absence, click here.

Character Name Register a first and last name in proper capitalization (ex: Harry Potter). Major canon surnames are not allowed. Character Face Our character face claim list is here.

There are several rules for selecting your character face:

Each celebrity may only be used by one character, except in the case if identical twins.
All celebrities must be at least 13 years old (per Jcink rules).
Pornographic actors/actresses are prohibited.
Please refrain from using celebrities who have asked not to be used for playing purposes. Character Story As this site takes place well after the events of the Harry Potter series, your character may not claim any relationship to canon characters. You're free to create your own families! Bring on siblings, cousins, childhood friends, or children! That said, you may not claim relationship to the site's canon characters, and you must gain approval from other members of a family before joining them.

Characters may not begin with extraordinary magical abilities (such as being an animagi, werewolf, seer, etc.). These abilities will be available for purchase through our points system.

Physical, sexual and emotional abuse or injury is not allowed for incoming characters. If you have a plot that you would like to explore once your character is on board that involves any of these situations, you must first get approval from the staff. This is not to limit your creative freedom, but to make sure that the board is a safe place for everyone to RP. If you are a first-time member and really have a plot like this that you would like to play out, please reach out to a staff member for assistance before drafting up your application.

Lastly, we ask characters do not roleplay any mental or physical disabilities. These can be difficult to write without upsetting other members, and we hope to keep this site a safe place for all our members. On Board Relations On-board characters may have up to six total children per family. Any additional children must be approved by the staff.

Before the next generation of characters (children, nieces/nephews) may attend Hogwarts, all members in the original generation may have graduated. i.e. If there is a large age gap from the oldest sibling to the youngest and the oldest has children while the younger ones are still at Hogwarts, that character's children may not attend Hogwarts until all of their aunts/uncles have graduated Hogwarts.

On-board adults may continuing birthing and adopting children up until the time that their youngest child graduates Hogwarts. Please remember that the above rules will still apply to their children and their future generations.

If an adult character marries into a family, any children are now shared between the two. Death and divorce will not break the family bonds and all of the above rules will still apply.

If you plan to handle an adult and student that will be related, there are additional rules that are located in the adult section of the board. This section is only visible to our adults. Please make sure to review those rules before making your related characters.

If you need clarity on any of the rules in relation to your character, please ask the staff. If you would like to request for an exception to the rules, you must submit a request to the staff. Older Siblings If your character has an older, NPC sibling, that's fine! However, we do require that you post them in our NPC guide so that we can keep track of them. You may not RP them being prefects, Head Boy/Girl, on the Quidditch team, etc., unless the staff approach you about doing so. Engagements Only students who are in 7th and who are of legal age (seventeen) year may roleplay being engaged. Marriages for students (regardless of age) must wait until they are out of Hogwarts. Arranged Marriages Students may express their desire or their parent's desire to have them be involved in an arranged marriage. However, marriages that are officially "arranged" are considered engagements and must follow the engagement rule. Sex Sex may not take place at Hogwarts in the castle or on the grounds. 1st - 5th years may not make reference to engaging in sexual behavior at all. 6th and 7th year students may vaguely reference having sexual encounters outside of Hogwarts during their holiday breaks. Please do not make your character's sex life their sole plot and identity or we may ask you to tone this down. Pregnancy No students may become pregnant while of Hogwarts age. Once a student has graduated, they are welcome to RP pregnancies. More information regarding adult pregnancies will be noted in the adult rules. Pregnancy Scares Pregnancy scares for 6th and 7th year students must be request via the plot request forum. Miscarriages & Abortions Due to this being excessively triggering content, neither are allowed on-board for students or adults. Drinking & Smoking Neither are officially allowed in-character at Hogwarts. However, 6th and 7th years may roleplay sneaking this in the castle and on the grounds. Please keep in mind that being caught breaking the roles in-character by a prefect or stock professor will result in in-character repercussions. Drugs Drugs are not allowed by any students under any circumstances. More information about adult drug use can be found in the adult world rules. Technology No muggle electronics will work in any wizarding areas on board. Gender To make sure that we do not have one gender taking over the board, we have a simple guideline. For every two female characters you make, you must make a male. If you make two female students, your next must be a male student. If you make two female adults, your next adult must be a male adult. Twins Twins can be earned through the points system and may not be registered otherwise. Number of Accounts As previously stated, members will be allowed to create three students during the first year on board. If we see that you are not keeping active with the characters that you have, we have the right to freeze the creation of characters until you downsize and/or bring up your activity. This is not to keep you from having fun, but rather to make sure that our site does not have a lot of static accounts that are not being used and faces being saved for characters that are not being posted on.

In relation to adult characters: If we see you ignoring your students and failing to promote with them and only paying attention to your adult/s, that can affect your ability to create characters moving forward.

Generally speaking, we do not have a character limit. If you are remaining active on all characters, we will not limit your ability to create more. Character Deletion You have the right, at any time, to ask for your character to be deleted or killed in a site plot. We do not have a waiting period between character deletion and character creation. However, if we see that you are deleting and creating new characters frequently, this could result in you not being picked to participate in fun events around the board: Quidditch, prefect, or events.

Why? Well, we need reliable characters! If you haven't shown an ability to follow through with characters, that will make us hesitant to choose you for perks. Alias/OOC Identity & Users at the same IP You may have noticed that our new skin has a place for you to list your "alias." If you would like to keep your character a secret, that's perfectly fine! You can choose to use a different alias on each account if you so choose. So, how will we know what character belongs to who? That's something that the staff will be able to see behind the scenes using the IP address you use when you register and when you use your account.

If you and another member share an IP address, you must immediately inform the staff so that we can get this sorted out.

If you would like to go by an ooc alias in the cbox, just simply choose which alias you feel the most comfortable with. It is not a requirement that you make all of your alternate characters public knowledge. Cbox Rules The cbox is an ooc place used for chatting with friends. It needs to be kept disney-level at all time. What does that mean? Well, if you wouldn't hear it in a disney movie, you shouldn't say it in the cbox. No excessive swearing, triggering content, or abrasive behavior. The cbox is the first thing that our potential new members see. We don't want to be off-putting to them! Graphic Rules Avatars are 250x400 in size and will double as the photo in your profile as well. There are additional photos, also, but everything else will resize to fit as long as they are the same general shape. If the picture that you use stretches so badly that it is distorted, we reserve the right to pend your application until this is corrected.

Gifs will resize.

Signatures are not required, but allowed. If you choose to have someone else make a graphic for you, please make sure to credit them! Failing to credit for your graphics can result in a warn.

As with the CBOX, the graphics should be safe for all to view! No NSFW content. Asking for help While we really want our members to get the help that they need, there are certain times where poking and poking at the staff over and over again for the same thing can get very tiresome. We have real lives, too, and coming back online to seven PM's and twenty pokes in the cbox is just too much. If we didn't answer the first time, it's because we were away. It's sad that we have had to add this into our rules, but unfortunately it's now a necessity.

To spell this out completely: If you ask a staff member for help it should not be in the cbox. You can either PM one staff member or post in the ask the staff forum. Not both!

If the staff have not replied to your request within 48 hours, you can send a followup PM, ask in ask the staff, PM a different staff member or post in the cbox if the staff are online. That means you may do ONE of these things. Not two. Not all.

If you violate these rules, you will receive a warning for the first time. If you do it again after this, you will receive a notation in your warn log. OOC Behavior OOC behavior is taken much more seriously than IC behavior. If we see that you are breaking rules, bullying members, consistently swearing, or posting NSFW content, we do have the right to take action against your account. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may get a warn or you may get a note placed in your warn log. Multiple additions to your warn log can cause you to lose any perks that you have gained, get suspended, or even banned (in serious situations). If you mess up, just correct your behavior. The staff know that people make mistakes and learn from them. We aren't going to give you a giant red A on your chest and never look at you again. If you're making changes and bettering yourself, we will most definitely take that into account. IC Behavior If your character is breaking rules IC, starting fights, etc in open threads, there is always the possibility of a prefect or a professor stumbling in and putting an end to it. What does that mean? It means that they can get detention, lose house points, etc.

If the staff see that students are consistently breaking rules or acting out, we do reserve the right to have a NPC stock character enter the thread and put an end to it. We also have a right to lock/hide the thread for serious offenses. Warn Logs< This is where your rule violations will be listed for the staff to keep track of. This is also where we can see how many posts you made in previous terms at the end of each year. Why is this important? This will be helpful to staff when determining who should get to participate in events and who should get perks. Is post count the most important thing? No! However, it can still make or break an already difficult decision between two well-behaving, helpful members./p>

Character Handbook
Professors & Staff

Hogwarts professors and staff are NPC characters who may make appearances to offer lessons or to participate in site plots. Information about each professor can be found on their profile page and pinned in their classroom forum.


Prefects help to enforce the rules around Hogwarts and the site in general. These are students in their fifth, sixth, or seventh year of Hogwarts who have demonstrated themselves as professional, helpful students. A Head Boy and Head Girl will also be chosen from among the seventh years. These students are role models for the school and also help in enforcing rules and welcoming new students.

As we only allow students to register as first years, prefects and the Heads will be NPC students until Term 5.

Classes You are welcome to roleplay any courses and to lightly GM the professors as needed. We follow canon for an idea of the information that would be taught in each year. Students can roleplay classes with members of any other House (as in, Ravenclaws can have Astronomy courses with Gryffindors, Slytherins, and Hufflepuffs).

Required classes for 1st and 2nd year:
Defense Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic

3rd year & up are may choose to add 2-3 of the following:
Ancient Runes
Care of Magical Creatures
Muggle Studies

Ordinary Wizarding Levels (OWLs)
This test is taken in 5th year to measure the aptitude of students in their subjects. Following the results of the exam, the students must then choose their subjects to continue in 6th and 7th year.

Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (NEWTs)
This test is taken in 7th year. The results of this test will play a role in the job that the students will be able to get following their graduation from Hogwarts. For reference, canon characters largely took between three and seven NEWT courses. It would probably be difficult to take every NEWT course!

Detentions Students may roleplay receiving detention and may GM the presence of a professor and what they have been assigned to do. This may be played out with one other character, or a group. The Hospital Wing The Hospital Wing is available for students to drop in and grab a Pepper-Up Potion or treat a Quidditch injury or spell damage. You're welcome to roleplay treatment or recovery in this forum. The healer stock characters may be available for occasional treatment threads, too!

However, we ask that students refrain from visiting with life-threatening or graphic injuries. It's unlikely they'll be unsupervised around the castle long enough to lose a limb! The staff may invite you to a site plot thread with a chance for some fun treatment threads, too. Promotion During the character's first year, there will be a pre-Hogwarts period where the students will visit Diagon Alley and board the Hogwarts Express. Due to this extra step, the first year does have a little bit of an extra posting requirement.

To get from the Leaky Cauldron to Diagon - 5 posts
To get from Diagon to the Hogwarts Express - 5 posts
To get from the Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts - 5 posts

Once you get to Hogwarts, you will post in the Sorting Ceremony to be assigned a house.

1st year to 2nd year - 15 additional posts
2nd year to 3rd year - 15 posts
3rd year to 4th year - 15 posts
4th year to 5th year - 15 posts
5th year to 6th year - 15 posts
6th year to 7th year - 15 posts
7th year to Graduate - 15 posts
Quidditch Hogwarts will host a Quidditch Cup each year, and members are welcome to try out for their house team. Generally, members must be in at least their second year to try out. For our first term, however, all students are able to try out.

Check here for more information. Clubs Along with Quidditch, students can get involved around the castle by joining clubs. The club forum is located here. There is no sign-up for joining a club, so students are welcome to drop in and try them out. However, if you hope to lead a club, you need to prove a dedication to attending meetings.

For our first term, professors will lead the club meetings until student leaders can be chosen. Spell Casting Underage students (defined as all students on board) are limited by the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery. This means magic cannot be performed outside of the castle. Students may use magic aboard the Hogwarts Express or at Hogwarts school. Use of magic outside of these areas must be approved by staff and will likely involve in-character consequences.

Please remember that younger students will not be amazing spell casters and should not be roleplayed as such. If we see members frequently using spells outside of what is appropriate for their age level, we may start putting strict restrictions on what spells are allowed for each year level. For now, we're asking that you use you own judgement based on your knowledge of the books and movies.

Of course, the three Unforgivable Curses are not allowed to be used (by anyone) without prior approval of the staff.

The Credits
Thank You!

First off, a big shout out to JK Rowling for creating the Harry Potter universe in which our site is set. Without her, we (and every other HP roleplay site on the web) wouldn’t exist! Next, we would like to thank Lauz at Shine for the skin and Emilie at Shine for the guidebooks (this nifty little thing you're looking at right now). We would also like to thank the for the information regarding the classes, locations, and other key details surrounding the HP universe.

Finally, we would like to thank a list of amazing artists on deviantart for the numerous award images that we have: aangry, hypocriticoaf, ivy-branches, apparate, tirrih, neko--oken, riut, white-sight, zagittorch, alphafirex, cheerleaders123, renegaide, momma--g, hidesbehindthings, sararini, beccaful, missladyminx, kezzi-rose, jasetro, vampire-aki, bloodwulf90, suupaarabito, wolf-hat, bronzehalo.

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